The beaches

It’s summer, vacation and you want to enjoy the beach, splash in the turquoise blue water of our Breton coast, fish for some shellfish for your dinner or even combine sightseeing with relaxation.

Here we give you our little places

In our opinion, the large Kerhillio beach in Erdeven (around 30-35 minutes) is closest to the campsite. A family-friendly, supervised fine sandy beach, it offers a breathtaking view of the Quiberon Peninsula and Belle-Ile en Mer. A multitude of board sports are also practiced there. Plenty of large parking lots, showers and snack bar.

After visiting the alignments of Menhirs, you can take a short escape to Carnac Plage. By walking to Pointe Saint-Colomban, you will have the choice between Ty Bihan beach or Saint Colomban beach, they are quieter than the Grande plage de Carnac. Saint Colomban beach is the westernmost beach in Carnac, nestled in the Bay of Quiberon. All year round, the windsurfing spot in Saint Colomban is the recognized meeting place for the best windsurfers. Possibility of parking on the beach. For fishing on foot, prefer Beaumer beach to the east of Carnac, it is well sheltered from the wind. Clams, cockles, razor clams await you there…

On the Quiberon peninsula, Port-blanc beach in Saint-Pierre de Quiberon (around 50 minutes).You can walk along the edge of the cliff, take pretty photos under the arch or even go to Pointe du Percho.   It’s so Beautiful !  The landscapes are exceptional. But be careful, swimming is prohibited here because of the groundswells.Small parking lot next door.

Plage - Morbihan