Lorient Interceltic Festival

From 12 août 2024 au 18 août 2024

Photo : Michel Le Tenier

See you from August 12 to 18, 2024, during the 53rd anniversary of the Festival, the year of “the youth of the celtic countries”.

The Lorient Interceltic Festival covers all forms of music from Celtic countries, from ancient songs to folk, rock, jazz, including symphonic works in an extremely prolific creative environment.

Music is mixed with cinema, visual arts, dance, history, literature, violin making, etc. A true living showcase, the Lorient Interceltic Festival is a place that opens up to the world, in the very expression of the Celtic cosmopolitanism that he proposes.

Come to Lorient to attend the Grand Parade of Celtic Nations on Thursday August 15, 2024, at Interceltic Nights, taste Celtic culture in all its forms !

Program, ticketing on the website : www.festival-interceltique.bzh

Email : festival@festival-interceltique.bzh

Phone :  02 97 21 24 29